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WWW – The simple execution tool to greater accountability

By June 4, 2018October 10th, 2023Accountability

Are you capturing the “RIGHT” things at the end of your meetings to ensure the team executes with accountability?

Do you create a dynamic and actionable summary of decisions at the end of your meetings?  The key to execution is documenting the actions that were decided upon.  It is simple, but so few do it.  This is an easy way to summarize your actions in a clear and concise way at the end of your meetings and takes 5 minutes.  Do this and you will achieve stronger execution, greater accountability, success and more profit!

In the book Scaling Up authored by Verne Harnish, he lists numerous habits and rituals that are necessary for execution success.  One highly effective tool is the “Team Accountability” page or “WWW“.  This simple tool is very simple to use and is highly effective. I use it with 100% of the clients I work with in my coaching practice.  Adopt this and you will have a much higher success rate.

Execution – WHO is going to do WHAT and by WHEN.  That’s it.

1 – Who

Every action item from a meeting or huddle must have an accountable owner.  The person who at all cost will ensure the action is completed.  This is the first W or the WHO.

2 – What

What is the action that was decided in the meeting and everyone agrees to?  Be specific as to what the action is.  This is the second W or the WHAT.

3 – When

When will the action be completed?  What is the necessary timeline to achieve success and also the date the group agreed to in the meeting.  This is the third W or the WHEN.

To get the most out of this tool, keep a dynamic list of the WWW’s and review it each week in your team meetings.

Download a copy of this form here –> Scaling Up – WWW