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Engagement – Mid-level leaders

Do you struggle to get engagement from your managers?  To execute well, your priorities should be cascading throughout the organization.

I often find as I coach my clients that they are good at setting and achieving priorities at the senior leadership level but getting what’s important cascading throughout the organization can be a struggle.  I have found success in this area when you bring those mid-level leaders together for a day.  With the right people in the room ask these 4 key questions and you will see a vast improvement in communication, execution and deeper engagement by your managers and you will make more profit.

1 – Strengths

Identify the companies internal strengths?  What are you the best in the world at?  Review those things that YOU do that bring your customers back and have them refer their friends and colleagues to you?

2 – Weaknesses

Identify the internal weaknesses that may be holding you back.  What are those key processes that are weak and need improvement?  Is there a capability or strength that is lacking inside the organization that if solved would give you a big boost in productivity?

3 – Core Values

The foundation of any business is its core.  This is the basis for your culture and culture is what will keep the spirit alive.  It will draw people to you.  Ask the team how alive each of the core values are deep inside the company.  Then get the names of those team members that embody each core value and lastly, ask for ideas on how to deepen the engagement in each value.  Make heroes out of those that demonstrate the values on a daily basis.

4 – What’s most important NOW?

It is important to know what is most important from the perspective of your mid-level managers.  They see the world differently than you and your senior leadership team does.  It is the view from those alternative lenses that provides you the insight that will make a huge difference to your customers and your bottom line.

The most important piece of this exercise is to take action on some or all of their suggestions.  These are your golden nuggets of opportunity, don’t waste them.

If you want to learn more about these highly valuable sessions let me know.