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Strategic Planning retreats – are they worth the cost?

Are you considering taking your team off-site for your next Strategic Planning session?

In my coaching practice, all new clients wonder if they really need to go to the expense of taking the team off-site.  Can you get the same result by working in the office conference room?  Below are 5 things to consider when planning your next strategic execution planning session.

1 – Distractions

When working in the office conference room interruptions are inevitable.  “Hey, do you have a quick minute?”  “Hey, customer Jim is here and wants to say hi.”  “Can you sign these documents real quick?”  “What do you think about this proposal?”  Once you are interrupted it takes up to 30 minutes to get your concentration back to the topic at hand.  When at an off-site location these distractions are neutralized.

2 – Team Health

High performing teams know each other on a fundamental level and your relationship is built on a foundation of trust.  That trust is established when you spend consistent time away from the office having those personal 1 on 1 discussions.  You won’t get this staying in the office.

3 – Deeper Conversations

Some of the best outcomes come from the conversations at the restaurant, on the trail hike, the bike ride or the late-night bocce ball game.  Do not underestimate the value of these fun events.  Give your team the freedom to have those deeper conversations.

4 – Productivity

In my coaching practice, some of the most productive sessions have been when we took the leadership team off-site to a remote or exotic location for planning.  The sessions are deeper in nature, more productive and deliver better outcomes.  This is a result of making that investment in time and financial resources to go remote.

5 – Freedom

There is something liberating about being in a beautiful remote site that clears the mind of all the baggage back at the office and creates the head freedom for my clients to do their best planning work.  The outcome is amazing and the freedom a strong plan creates for you the leader is immeasurable.

For your next planning session, make the investment to take your team off-site to a beautiful place and be free of distractions get deeper conversations, more productivity, a better outcome and more financial freedom in terms of profitability.  And be sure to invite your business growth coach to facilitate the discussion.