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An Abundant Mindset

Do you have a mindset of abundance?

In business, we are trained to focus on solving problems, and it is natural for us to do so. In a new or rapidly growing organization, there is a fair amount of firefighting that is required on a daily basis. In my coaching practice, I, too, work with my clients to solve problems and work around obstacles. I try to see around the corners, but I give equal air time to celebrating the wins. You see, you wouldn’t even have an organization if you weren’t winning every day.

Recently, I connected with a coaching colleague. We shared updates on business and life, and he, like me, encouraged us to celebrate our wins and some great things happening in 2024. We had a champagne toast over a great lunch.

Do you focus only on the negative in your business? Where are you winning? Do you start your daily huddle with “Good News”?

How would your team respond if, tomorrow, in your daily huddle, you opened with good news and asked everyone to share one piece of good news? Instilling this ritual encourages celebration and puts your team in an abundance mindset. When you operate from an abundant mindset, you are leaning into the positive in your life and business and not the negative that comes from a scarcity mindset.

I’d love to hear how it turns out for you. Send me a message any time.

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