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Are you in the GROWTH business?

Are you in the GROWTH business?

I was talking with one of my amazing CEO clients this week. As we discussed his strategy for the rest of 2024, he commented, “We are not in the survival business; we are in the GROWTH business.” You see, his team was thinking firefight, and he was thinking growth.

That got me thinking… many entrepreneurs we talk to focus on survival. They are usually in a firefight of some sort or working through an execution challenge. They are literally trying to survive the crisis. We help them with that, but my job as a CEO + Leadership Team Coach is to get them to think bigger and push them to think about GROWTH. You make different decisions when you think longer term beyond the current crisis. Decisions about people, strategy, execution, processes, markets, clients, etc…

With our coaching system using Metronomics, we focus on growth and helping our clients build a valuable, enduring company that’s a lifetime.
Our 6 systems, which align the Soft Edge systems with the Hard Edge systems, create the momentum you need to not only Survive but also Grow.

If you are in the survival business but want to get into the GROWTH business, let’s talk.

Coach Keith

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