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Are you ready to “Get Naked”?

Another new client, another opportunity to “Get Naked”.

Every new client gets a copy of this best-selling book by one of my favorite authors, Patrick Lencioni.

I have used the principles in this book to build my 20-year successful coaching practice. It has served my clients well and has been a significant driver of our impact on our clients in my Metronomics coaching engagements.

Naked Service defined:

The willingness to put ourselves in a vulnerable position leads to honesty, humility, and selflessness, which put us in a position to more effectively help our clients, which, of course, is what providing service is all about.

To put ourselves in that vulnerable position, we have to overcome the 3 Fears:

#1 – Fear of Losing the Business
✅Consult, don’t sell
✅Give away the business if you have to
✅Tell the kind truth
✅Be willing to enter the danger zone

#2 – Fear of Being Embarrassed
✅Ask dumb questions
✅Make dumb suggestions
✅Highlight and celebrate your mistakes

#3 – Fear of Feeling Inferior
✅Take a bullet for the client
✅Make everything about the client… not YOU
✅Honor the client’s work
✅Do the dirty work

At first, it was hard, terrifying, and took guts and courage, but in the end, this is the service the client really wants and needs. It is what they are paying for.

I recall two recent occasions where I had to get Naked with clients. One CEO remarked… “That was our best day of coaching with you yet… the fact that you kicked our asses and told us the truth about our blindspot was transformative. We are so better for it.”

And another client told us… “The best day was when you, coach, dropped a couple of F-Bombs, called a halt to the session, sent us out for a walk, and said to come back when we had our heads out of our asses and were ready to work on the future of our company. We loved that!”

If you are a coach, get over the fear and enter the danger zone. It will feel so good, and your client will be better for it.

If you need some Naked Truth and want to learn more, DM me.

Coach Keith

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