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What nice thing can you do for someone today?

By July 11, 2024Customers, People

A fun surprise…

The other day, I was busy at work when the doorbell rang. It is usually just a delivery, as we are serial online shoppers. Typically, they drop a package, ring the doorbell, and leave. Later in the day, we go retrieve the packages. This day was different. The guy rang the doorbell and stood there waiting, so I went to the door.

A very cheery gentleman stood there with this bundt cake for us. He said they are delivering these to businesses in the area to say hello and let us know they would love our business. We chatted for a few minutes. He let me know they could cater bundt cakes for our client meetings, employee gifts, and other things.

That evening, my wife and I enjoyed a delicious dessert treat. We will most definitely use them for meetings and social events.

Reflecting on this experience, I was reminded of several times in my business, over 21 years, when I simply helped an entrepreneur with no expectations. Those always paid off for me, either in joy and fulfillment or even new business from time to time. In life and business, I learned early: Do nice things for people, and it will come back to you. The cheery gentleman picked up a new customer that day.

What nice thing can you do for someone today?

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