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Real business coaching so you can
dream with courage, grow with confidence, and shine with clarity.

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The courage to break free.

Let’s face your fears, the unknown, the crammed calendar. No more draining your energy. Instead, let’s roll up our sleeves and build something sustainable and incredible.

The confidence to grow—wisely.

Together we’ll:


who you are, and what you’re the best at.


how to inspire your team to be cohesive, curious, and excited.


big to get where you really want to be.


a clear roadmap so you can step on the gas and go.


with measurable goals and learn how to count your success.

Clarity for others…

Our team keeps getting better each and every session, and Keith has been instrumental in that development! Our team was firing on levels I've never seen before in our last meeting
- Amazing!

Noah McWilliamsWilderness Medical Staffing

In 2015, when my company was going through the culture issues that come with fast growth, I felt like I was at a loss. I hired Keith to help me align my team and move past the issues at hand. With Keith, I got a partner dedicated to my individual success as a CEO, the success of my executive staff, the success of each employee, and the overall success of my company. Keith pushes us all to become better people. My company has grown by leaps and bounds and it's thanks to the tools that Keith has provided and continues to provide us each time he works with us!

Amy BallietKiller Infographics

Keith recently took our leadership team through a customized planning workshop. We left the workshop all in alignment with our One Page Strategic Plan complete! Because the workshop was custom for our company, we got so much out of it!

Brandy CallahanArea Floors

I have worked with Coach Keith for the past two years. My entire team has benefited from Keith’s mentorship, experience, and facilitation. He is very knowledgeable, patient, and kind. I give Keith the highest possible recommendation as a coach.

Ethan McWilliamsWilderness Medical Staffing

Keith has helped our company face the challenges inherent in such significant growth by coaching us through tough decisions, keeping us accountable and focused, and helping us implement the necessary changes to transform from a small entrepreneurial company to a leader in our market that is stronger and more focused. Having Keith as a coach and mentor has enabled me to experience more personal happiness.

Kevin LewandowskiFounder, President & CEO of Discogs

Keith does a great job of not getting caught up in the interpersonal dynamics and pushing through to help us achieve the objective…a plan. Well done…and thank you.

Ken EastmanCore Health & Fitness

Bringing Keith on was a turning point in our business! Ever since we incorporated Keith and the Rockefeller habits, we consistently post 30%+ growth of top line revenue and profitability year over year. It’s no coincidence! Keith has challenged us to deal with the challenges that come with such significant growth by coaching us through those decisions. We have moved from a small entrepreneurial company to a leader in our market.

Travis DillardInflow Communications

Always a pleasant session with great results, thanks Coach Keith! I appreciate your tactics, crowd control, and ability to maintain direction. Our sessions are very professional.

Gregory CooperFrance & Co.

Keith is a coach who brings his groups to a high level of functioning. He is so good with group dynamics and leads our sessions in a way that gets results!

Mary Ellen DotyWilderness Medical Staffing

Lightening progress! Keith moves us in the right direction efficiently and aggressively! Looking more to more!

Don NaetzkerFisher Associates

Keith has helped us make incredibly tangible progress as a company. We've gone from reluctance, to mild hesitancy, to eagerness, to a kind of passionate commitment to the work we are doing with the Keith Upkes Coaching. Our firm has made enormous, positive changes as a result. None of them was easy, as change never is. But they are critical things that wouldn’t have happened without the strategic vision and guidance Keith has provided.

Zach HyderPartner, Quinn Thomas

Keith will help you work hard to bring your team to the next level. He keeps us on task, but he lets big moments within the team play out.

Lisa VognildWilderness Medical Staffing

Our team has developed a rhythm for delving into the planning sessions that really clicks. I do believe having the pre-planning session made our full day of planning more productive and less rushed. The accelerator meeting with our team was very beneficial as well!

Corrinda BurkeWilderness Medical Staffing

We get answers to questions we have been asking for a while. Coach Keith helps get everyone on the same page and therefore we have great team building.

Heather WilliamsFrance & Co

Keith coaches us in a direction we believe in and can see a clear path to our future success.

Tom LuceyFisher Associates

Planning sessions with Coach Keith are always very helpful. He does a great job at keeping us on track, supporting us where necessary, and does a great job of guiding all of us individually as well. Thanks for having our back, Coach!

Brittany SmithWilderness Medical Staffing

Our session was incredible! Keith’s facilitation was the best that I have experienced, and I know we are set up for success. I look forward to our continued work together.

Christopher SmithFisher Associates

We are so thankful to have Coach Keith lead us on our Metronomics journey. We feel that he is the perfect match for our team, and we felt that our 2-day strategic planning session was the best session we have ever had and that it provided a clear vision of where we are going and the path to get there. Keith has a way of coaching us that fosters open and honest communication to establish alignment. He allows the conversations to go where they need to go when necessary and reins them in when they are needlessly wandering. He reinforces our understanding of the purpose of the various steps of the process to foster our continued commitment. The improvement in our results in the first quarter of our Metronomics journey was amazing. We wouldn’t have gotten these results without Metronomics and Coach Keith. We are excited to continue working with Keith and to celebrate our successes along the way.

Roseann Schmid, P.E.Fisher Associates

After a work session with Keith, I leave so much smarter, and clear about where I want my business to go and what steps I need to take to get there. I feel comfortable bringing him the big scary problems that keep me up and night, and through his calm nature, large toolbox of resources and thoughtful approach he helps me discover a path forward. I can’t say enough about what Keith has done to help me bring my dream business to life!

Mary CecchiniFounder, Living Big

Keith has been a wonderful addition to our team. With his guidance, perspective and encouragement we are in a much better position as a company than we otherwise would have been.

Lance KillianKillian Pacific

Meet Keith.

I believe in different paths to success. In my over 30 years of business management, I’ve coached many clients toward their dreams—whether that’s more profitability, more free time, or a more mindful growth plan. We always get from Point A to Point B. But how we get there is always different.

I personally know what it’s like to break free from fear. To have time to do your best work. Live your best life. It’s amazing how your attitude toward your work, your family—everything—changes. Knowing that, I can’t stop sharing what I know. It’s just what I do.

I’m genuinely passionate about getting to know my clients, and helping them discover their unique path towards success and the freedom to live well.

Tips from Keith

July 11, 2024

What nice thing can you do for someone today?

A fun surprise...The other day, I was busy at work when the doorbell rang. It is usually just a delivery, as we are serial online shoppers. Typically, they drop a…
July 4, 2024

Happy 4th of July!

Wishing everyone a fantastic 4th of July! May your day be filled with good summer vibes, delicious grill treats, and, of course, a fireworks display or two 🎆
June 28, 2024

A Different Approach

I'm on the road this week, bouncing around the Pacific Northwest doing my thing and helping clients set up for success in the 2nd half of 2024.My clients using Metronomics…

I’m excited to meet you.

Tell me about yourself. Then together we can figure out where you want to go.

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