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Do your meetings suck?

By April 4, 2024Execution, Strategy, Team

Do your meetings suck?

Something I hear quite frequently from CEOs I speak with is that their meetings suck and that they get sparse participation and input during those meetings.

There are 4 simple steps you can take to increase collaboration and input from your team members AND achieve an actionable outcome.

Traits of High-Performing Teams:

✅Encourage Brutal Honesty – This comes from a place of passion for your customers, your business, and each other on the team

✅Create a No-Blame, No-Shame environment. If you want your team to contribute with Brutal Honesty, you have to create and maintain a safe environment, and it starts with you, the CEO.

✅Adopt an Everyone Heard process whereby you go around the room and elicit input from each attendee, AND when they do speak up, everyone actively listens and asks clarifying questions.

✅Teach them how to Disagree & Commit. If you have a truly democratic process for problem-solving, you will always come to a conclusion on the path forward, but someone’s idea will not make the final cut. If the team fully lives the first three, it will be easy for the person whose idea was not the chosen path to get on board and support the mission.

I have worked with leadership teams for over 20 years, and those who adopt this cultural shift get much more out of their meetings. They have stronger cohesion, good clarity, and good execution, driving the organization’s success.

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