June 4, 2018

WWW – The simple execution tool to greater accountability

Are you capturing the "RIGHT" things at the end of your meetings to ensure the team executes with accountability? Do you create a dynamic and actionable summary of decisions at…
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May 29, 2018

5 Steps to accountability with your team

Is Accountability & Execution a problem? If accountability is a problem, it may be how you are making decisions.  This 5 step collaborative process will help you make better decisions,…
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May 14, 2018

Is your strategy a “Wild Ass Guess”?

Start with a dream Strategy starts with a dream that becomes a 10-30 year goal.  Why do so many companies not achieve their dream?  It is because most companies are…
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Execution Exercise
May 10, 2018

3 execution steps to quickly solve any challenge

Working with a recent client we uncovered that revenue had rapidly started to fall off.  They realized that they would quickly have a cash flow challenge if they didn't solve…
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September 29, 2017

Laws of Leadership: Make Yourself Replaceable

As a leader or entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard some of these phrases before: “Train your replacement.” “Name your number 2.” “Who’s in charge if you get hit by a bus?”…
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September 16, 2017

4 ways to have a successful 4th quarter

Fall is in the air, which means we’re approaching the last push in most fiscal calendars. How do you stay mindful of your company’s goals and finish strong in the…
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September 8, 2017

Why I’ve rebranded (and what hasn’t changed)

I’ve spent the summer reflecting and rebranding The Upkes Group, and I’m excited to finally share it! This “change” is actually more like a “catch up” to how I’ve been…
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April 14, 2017

Role of a Business Coach

In my work as a business growth coach I am asked regularly what is it that I do?  What do I do for my clients.  Where is the value? Strategic…
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