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It’s Lonely At the Top!

By September 16, 2013October 10th, 2023Coaching

Have you met a high performing athlete or sports team that didn’t have a coach? Someone who pushes them to do better, asks them the tough questions, and tells them the things they do not want to hear? The answer is most likely no. So what is different about a high performing CEO or Leadership Team? Many of them do NOT have coaches. Do they NOT need to be pushed to do better? Do they NOT need to be asked the tough questions? And, do they NOT need to hear the brutal truth? So what is different?

Here is another perspective on leadership coaching. Leadership coaching not only does the things I mentioned above but a good coach also is a very good listener. In fact “High Performing Business Coaches” need coaches too.

Everyday a CEO or Leader wakes up and has to be a cheerleader for their children, their significant other, their team, and thier clients. The leader needs to be a strong listener, good question asker and all around supporter for them. But, who is there to push the leader to do better, who is there to ask the leader the tough questions? And who is there to tell them the things they do not want to hear but need to hear? Yep, you got it… their Coach. You see, high performing CEO’s and Leadership Teams perform at optimum when they engage a “catalyst” — a Coach. Unlike consultants who bring answers and solve problems, Coaches empower their clients by listening and asking the tough well timed questions. They get them to consider something different; they aren’t afraid to sound dumb. They push you to do better. At the end of the day, who listens to you, pushes you to do better, asks you the tough questions and tells you what you need to hear? If you are feeling lonely at the top, maybe it’s time to engage a High Performing Business Coach. Someone who will listen with “both” ears, is tough minded but kind hearted and will tell you what you need to hear.