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How 3HAG Way and Metronomics Can Work for Any Company

What makes the Metronomics system so effective? How can the system work for my company?

As I talk with CEOs around the world, the question that is consistently asked is “Why is 3HAG Way with Metronomics so effective?” CEOs talk; they love to share their successes, and even brag about what they have achieved. That is what is driving so many inquiries about the system.

CEOs and Teams are hearing how their colleagues are getting amazing results and getting their life back; they all want in.

Many entrepreneurs drive their businesses, and many are very successful, but a common theme is starting to emerge…

Entrepreneurs are winning at business but losing at life.

These entrepreneurs have climbed that mountain, made it to the top, and achieved their 10-year goal. It should feel so good, but it doesn’t.

It doesn’t because as they are standing on top of that mountain, they are alone. Their partner and kids are somewhere else, their friends are living life, and they are not.

They have been so focused on driving their business that they left their life behind. They forgot about those people around them that they love. Was it worth it?

You can have both; you can win at business and win at life.

It takes a system.

A united system that allows you and your team to win at business and win at life.

A system that unites people and things.

That system is Metronomics.

Metronomics is a prescriptive, practical, and proven system that will launch you and your business team into high growth without wasting time and investment. 

Your business is like a sports team.

You are there to win your business Olympics, or Super Bowl, or Stanley Cup or World Series. The beauty is that you get to decide what your Olympics is – not someone else, not a competitor, not even your clients.

You get to choose what winning is. Once you choose, Metronomics powered by 3HAG Way will drive you to it, while at the same time not forcing you to give up your life.

Metronomics is not a new system. It began 25 years ago and continues to evolve. It was developed by my good friend and colleague, Shannon Byrne Susko, along with her team as they were building their company out of a small office in Whistler, British Columbia.

Shannon, like many of you, was desperate to find a way to unlock the potential in her business. She was following carefully scripted systems and plans laid out by many credible thought leaders of the day.

However, none of these systems or plans were driving her company to the finish line. Something was missing…

What finally unlocked the potential and drove them to success was the evolution of the team’s behavior.

Yes, you heard that right, it was not an execution system, but rather the evolution of the team’s behavior through a series of regimented steps. Over time, they became the 3HAG Way.

The “Way” in 3HAG Way is the “Way” to unlock the human side of the business.

A business is all about the people, and we must evolve the behavior of the team to drive the business to the Business Olympic finish line. And 3HAG Way and Metronomics do just that.

That is the difference between our system and the other execution systems you are all familiar with.

So, what is 3HAG?

3HAG is a 3-year Highly Achievable Goal. Most people set 10-year goals, then 1-year goals, and then the tendency is to pick a spot halfway in between (5-year) and set that.

You must have a long-term goal to drive toward. A 5-year goal isn’t believable because it is too far out; it gives the team an out – an excuse, a reason to fail. When you set a 3-year goal (3HAG) it becomes believable. It is believable because it is only 12 quarters away.

Using the system in 3HAG Way, lining up the 12-quarter swim lanes, and implementing a strong execution regimen, the plan becomes very believable. When the team believes in it, they won’t fail. 

There is something magical about the 3HAG. With the unique widget-based forecast and mapping, it unlocks the human side of the business.

That young team in Whistler, British Columbia figured out the human side of the business.

They figured out how to unlock their potential by driving transparent, cohesive, aligned behavior within their team. It was the difference.

That unlocking of team behavior is now proving time and time again to drive success for 3HAG clients worldwide. It makes sense that so many CEOs are reaching out and asking us for the secret.

The secret is that there isn’t a secret: it is the human behavior that we have unlocked in Metronomics and 3HAG Way. 

Metronomics powered by 3HAG Way will unlock the potential you never knew you had.

Five years ago, I discovered the 3HAG Way. It immediately unlocked my potential as a coach.

Now, I drive my coaching practice based on Metronomics and the 3HAG Way. It unlocked the potential for the clients I serve as a CEO + Leadership Team coach. I got my life back, and my clients are getting their lives back, too.

Now it’s your turn to get your life back.

Let’s chat.

Coach Keith Upkes