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Cowboy Math

By March 27, 2024Cash, CFO, Coaching

What is “Cowboy Math?”

Recently, I was in a quarterly planning session with a client in Portland, and I pulled out my handy calculator. As I was using it, one of the team members asked me, “Wow, how long have you had that calculator?”

The fact is I have had it for a LONG time. You see, I picked this up when I started my business 20 years ago.

In my coaching sessions, like this calculator, I use my background from over 20 years ago as a CFO to do “Cowboy Math.” Cowboy Math is an endearing term we financial geeks use when we are working quickly to get a pretty close answer so we can move forward. Cowboy math works perfectly when planning the quarter or the year. It works great for quick calculations of gross margin, EBITDA (Profit), and forecasting. My clients get great service, great results, and sleep better. Cowboy Math and my handy calculator are a big part of what we do.

When was the last time you pulled out your handy calculator? Try using Cowboy Math. Close enough is close enough.

If you’d rather have me do the math for you, reach out.

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