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5 Steps to accountability with your team

By May 29, 2018Execution, People, Team

Is Accountability & Execution a problem?

If accountability is a problem, it may be how you are making decisions.  This 5 step collaborative process will help you make better decisions, drive accountability and success.

1 – Objective

Clearly define the objective or problem you need to solve.  Use the “5-Why’s” to determine if you are solving the right problem.  Ask the question: “Is there another way of looking at this problem?”

2 – Stakeholders

Are the right stakeholders at the table?  Ask: “Who will this decision affect?”  Invite people who may have different opinions than yours.  Don’t bring in too many nor too few team members.

3 – Data & Collaboration

Gather relevant data both internal and external to the company.  Analyze the data.  Ask: “What is it telling us?”  Invite conflict and challenge assumptions leaving no stone unturned.

4 – Solution Alternatives

Brainstorm solution ideas.  I use Flip Chart paper and PostIt Notes.  Using PostIt Notes get “ALL” ideas and alternatives on the flip chart.  No idea is a bad idea.  Vet the ideas in a collaborative discussion and rank them in order of impact.  Do a Risk, Cost, Reward analysis.  Be sure to ask “What might be a negative impact of this decision?”  Last, vet the ideas against your Purpose, Values, and Budget.

5 -Decision & Accountability

As a team then choose the best alternative based on your analysis of the data and vetting of the decision.  Build an execution plan with weekly milestones.  Accountability will naturally come by making sure the decision is specific, measurable, actionable.  Pick a measurable KPI (Key Performance Indicator) by which you will measure success and select an accountable person to make it all happen.  That’s it!

Follow the above process and you will create strong collaborative teams, build relationships, get deeper buy-in from the stakeholders, make better decisions, drive accountability and be successful.