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Why We Glorify Overwork and Refuse to Rest

By September 26, 2023Coaching, People, Productivity

Many of us glorify overwork, immersing ourselves entirely in our jobs and compulsively moving from one responsibility to another. But this kind of relationship with work is unsustainable. How can you interrupt your tendency to push yourself too hard?

Listen to your body: We’re at our best when we work for no more than 90 minutes at a time and then take a rest. The body is the most reliable barometer of whether you need to renew and refuel. Pay attention to the signals it’s sending your brain.
Focus on sleep and exercise: Renewing your energy through sleep and exercise is critical. Prioritize getting enough sleep every night to feel fully rested, and try to commit to at least 20 to 30 minutes of brisk exercise during the day.
Pursue a non-work activity that brings you joy: This could be a sport, a hobby, or a creative project. Whatever you decide to do, schedule it at designated times each week—and stick to the schedule.
Reflect and acknowledge: You can’t change what you don’t notice. Ask yourself: How clear and focused is my mind when I’ve been working long and continuous hours? How fatigued am I? What’s the impact on my mood? And what’s the cost to others in my life?

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