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How Costco’s next CEO went from driving forklifts to earning millions

By November 16, 2023Productivity, Strategy, Team

How many hats have you worn in your career or current company?

I love the story about the New CEO of Costco Ron Vachris.

Ron has worn more hats in his career than most of us. It has paid off for him for sure, but also for Costco and its global community of team members and of course its loyal customers, one of which is me.

As I read this story it got me thinking about the many entrepreneur clients I have worked with over 20 years. The most successful of those have in fact been the ones that had a strong foundational work ethic and learned business the grassroots way. From boots on the ground hard work and life lessons.

I am not nearly the success that Ron is, but I credit much of the work I do today with my coaching clients to my time and experience working on the shop floor at Beall Corporation in the ’80s and ’90s and the business experience at Pac Paper in the ’90s. Those days and memories, although long ago, are still alive today and help me each time I work with a client. Boots on the ground pave the way for your future.

Ron’s story is an inspiration for me. If Ron can do it, so can many of you. I will be sharing Ron’s story with my adult kids, Patrick, Hannah, and Margaret as well as all of my clients. Let Ron’s story be your inspiration too.

How many hats have you worn? Don’t be afraid to try on a few more hats. You never know, you just may become the next CEO of the company you work at.