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Are your systems and processes optimized?

By January 16, 2024Execution, Strategy

Are your systems and processes optimized?

I was working with a team for their quarterly planning and heard this comment: “We are one big project away from disaster.”

Have you ever wondered if you could handle that big project if you won the bid?

I typically see companies that begin to scale their organization solely focusing on driving revenue to the top line.  They invest in marketing and sales, which is proper. Still, you must also invest in your systems and processes so that when you win that big project or new customer, you can adequately serve them and deliver on the promise you made in the proposal and sales process.

Start with your KFFM (Key Function Flow Map).  Are all systems functioning well, and are they positioned for growth?  Do you have clear accountability for each key function?  You can identify this blind spot using our Function Accountability exercise with every client every quarter.

Next, look at your systems and processes.  Can they handle the flood of work that will eventually come at you now that your sales process is optimized?  Do you have clarity around roles in the execution/client delivery side of the business?

And finally, do you have adequate cash to keep you running during the ramp-up phase where you are investing in people so you are ready for the new work?

It is a balance; as you invest in the front end of the business, you must also invest in the back end.  Answer this question: which is worse, not getting that new customer or getting that new customer and not being able to service their needs?

If you want to learn more about how the Metronomics system can help with this and more, please reach out. We would love to talk with you.

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