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What are some characteristics of the most successful entrepreneurs you know?

By January 19, 2024Coaching, People

The most successful entrepreneurs I work with in my coaching practice are those who grew up with a strong work ethic and had great role models. Those who grew up working on the shop floor or in the trenches and were not handed the keys to the corner office.

Meet Michael Fiddelke, the new Chief Operating Officer at Target.  I love this success story. You see, Michael grew up on a farm in Iowa, working alongside his dad, who was an entrepreneur. Those roots and work ethic were instilled in him in his younger days.

Michael has now worked for Target for 20 years, starting as an intern, and now leads the operations of a company with over 2,000 stores, a global supply chain network, and fulfillment services, including same-day delivery. Michael grew from within and learned the hard way.

A hefty congratulations to Michael Fiddelke. You are a huge inspiration.

Who are you leaving an impression on today? What young person around you can you mentor and be a role model for?

And for those college graduates who are just starting their careers, like my son Patrick Upkes, keep dreaming and working hard. One day, you, too, can lead an enterprise organization impacting human lives across the country and the globe.

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