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International Women’s Day

By March 8, 2024People

As I got to thinking about International Women’s Day, I reflected on my life and my work. Some of the bravest people in my life have been women.

I think first about my mom and my Grandma, who are Spanish Americans. They were homemakers with extraordinary bravery, resilience, and stamina… holding the home together daily while Dad and Grandpa worked.

Then there are my daughters, who, even in their young adult lives, have done so many courageous things, from traveling the world helping others to moving across the country by themselves and building a thriving life.

I think about my fiance who has endured so much yet is one of the bravest, most resilient women I have ever met.

Then there are the professional women who I have worked with. I have said many times… some of the bravest CEOs and business leaders I have worked with are women. 

To put it simply… If bravery, resilience, determination, and selflessness had a face, it would probably be a woman. Cheers to you ladies!

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